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DNA Resources To Help You On Your Journey To Truth

Our resources page has forms, common questions about our tests, a big glossary, lots of articles, and helpful web pages.

Often Asked Questions About DNA

DNA Testing FAQs

We have provided the most often asked questions that we are asked. This page will probably answer all your questions. Of course, just let us know if you need more help, and we will be glad to help!

How To Collect A DNA Sample

How To Collect A DNA Sample

We priority ship your DNA kit to the address you provide. The DNA collection is easy, fast, and painless. Your kit is sent discreetly, with no content labels, which keeps everything confidential!

Make Your Own DNA Kit

Make Your Own DNA Kit

Sometimes it is better not to have a kit arrive at your home. We understand that and let you make your own DNA kit instead. We will email you a case number and prepaid return label. Nothing will ever be sent to you.

Sending DNA Kit To Different Places

When You Need More Than One DNA Kit

Everybody who takes a DNA test may not live at the same location. You can easily have DNA test kits sent to anyone living at a different address, even if they live in a different state, or country.

Payment Options

DNA Test Payment Options

We offer many options to help you get the answers you need. Along with our low pricing, we accept credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal, and offer 0% interest plans through Affirm and Sezzle.

Informational Videos About DNA

DNA Information Videos

We have created a number of videos to help educate our clients on their journey to truth through DNA. Take a look at our video options and let us know if there is a specific topic that you think would be helpful.

Educational DNA Information

Knowledge Base Of DNA Information

Articles About DNA Testing

Our information center has a variety of information about DNA testing. You can find articles about paternity tests, relationship DNA tests and up-to-date news that has an effect on Direct To consumer (DTC) DNA services.

Glossary Of DNA Terms

Understanding DNA Terminology

Every field of science uses specialized words. The glossary is meant to help you understand DNA testing terms and how they are used. We cover the main terms you will see through your DNA journey with us.

DNA Test Journey Genetic Testing Offers

What DNA Test Do You Need?

We offer both AABB accredited legal DNA testing and at-home DNA test kits. Our test options will provide you the answers for almost every situation you have. Reach out to us if you have any questions at all!

Resources For DNA Testing Forms