Legal Paternity Test

Legal Paternity Test – AABB Accredited

Legal Paternity Testing – Proof Through Science

A legal paternity test is a scientific way to confirm if a child is truly related to their suspected father. When there are doubts about a father’s identity, whether for legal, personal, or emotional reasons, a legal paternity DNA test gives accurate answers.

To make sure your legal DNA results are accepted for your paternity case or any legal needs, they have to meet two important rules. First, the lab doing the test must be accredited by AABB. Secondly, the way the samples are treated must follow strict rules.

Some companies try to give you cheap legal DNA tests. They let you choose who collects the samples and mail you the kit. But this goes against AABB rules. People linked to court-approved tests shouldn’t touch the kit. Be cautious, as this might cost your family more. We only send kits to our trained DNA centers or medical spots, like a doctor’s office or clinic. This stops issues from happening.

We stick to all AABB rules and court orders, so your results can be accepted. Your case is treated with care, professionalism, and kept private. Understanding the value of these results, we’re here to support you. Getting the right answers for your legal situation is what matters most to us.

When You May Need A Legal Paternity DNA Test

Think about a legal paternity test if you want to make sure about fatherhood in these situations.

  • Child custody cases
  • Child support issues
  • Birth certificate name changes or additions
  • Immigration requests
  • Tax forms
  • Insurance verification
  • Wills
  • Social Security
  • As suggested by a legal expert

Legal Paternity Test or At-Home Paternity Test: What’s The Difference?

The results you get from our home paternity test and our legal DNA test are identical. We promise they’re a 100% accurate “yes” or “no” answer about fatherhood. The difference is how you can use the results. For all legal DNA testing, the collection of DNA swabs must be done by an authorized person. This person can’t have any stake in the test outcomes and can’t be your friends or family.

We partner with more than 3,500 skilled collectors. Getting an appointment set up is usually fast, and you just need to attend it. If you’re an adult, show your government-issued photo ID. For anyone under 18-years-old, a photo will be taken to confirm who took the test.

Here is an easy way to remember the difference,

Home DNA Test or legal DNA test

How Much Does A Legal Paternity Test Cost?

Our legal DNA tests have two ways for the DNA collection to happen. You can either have your doctor do the mouth swab and complete the chain of custody. You can also choose for a Genetic Consultant to set up an appointment time near you. If you want us to send a kit to your doctor or health care professional, we recommend you talk with us first. We want to be sure there will be no delays.

Your Doctor As The DNA Collector

The cost of a legal DNA test sent to your doctor, and lab processing, is $185.00. This includes the father and child, and all lab testing, including the results. If your doctor charges you a fee for this service, it will be your responsibility to pay them. We ship everything needed to the doctor, and include a pre-paid overnight label to ship the DNA swabs and paperwork back to us.

We Set Your DNA Appointment

If you want us to set up the appointment, with a collector that is trained, we can do that also. We will get you an appointment at the closest clinic we work. You will just need to give us the zip code of each person who is testing. We can set different times, day, or places to make it as easy as we can.

The price for this, which includes everything, is $249.00 This is for one father, and one child. It includes lab processing and results in one business day.

The process of ordering is very simple. You can order online 24/7, or you can call us at 1-855-362-5224 during our regular business hours.

A legal paternity DNA test gives clear answers when questions about fatherhood arise. It’s valuable for legal, personal, or emotional needs. With careful steps, a confirmed chain of custody, and lab analysis from accredited experts, it gives precise and trustworthy results. If you’re unsure about parentage, legal paternity DNA testing equips you with knowledge, confidence, and solid family connections.

The information you find on this website is for general information only, not legal advice. It’s smart to talk to a real legal expert for advice that fits your own situation.