Maternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA Test

A maternity DNA test provides scientific evidence to determine if a woman is a child’s biological mother. Just like a DNA paternity test, this analysis compares a child’s DNA with their mother’s. In fact, there’s no need to test the father to confirm if the child’s DNA matches the mother’s.

Our test will give you 100% accurate results in just 1 day.

When You Might Want To Do A Maternity DNA Test

Maternity tests are not as common as paternity tests and are usually done for some of the following reasons.

  • Adoption cases – an adopted child might want to make sure if someone is really their biological mother.
  • IVF – a mother may want to verify her eggs were used when conceiving
  • General confirmation – to remove doubt if there was a hospital mix-up

The test is simple and painless with a mouth swab collection. You can do it easily and privately at home. Once you gather your samples, send them back to our AABB lab using the prepaid return shipping label. Our lab strictly follows quality standards and conducts each DNA test twice for full accuracy.

How Much Does A Maternity DNA Test Cost?

Our price covers it all. You receive a DNA collection kit shipped via USPS Priority. Inside, you’ll find clear instructions and all the items for DNA collection. It also comes with a pre-paid overnight label to send your DNA back to our lab. We speed up testing to provide results within one business day. There are no extra charges and no surprises.

Our Home Maternity DNA Test Kit is $119.00. This price includes one mother and one child. You can add other children for a small extra lab fee. And if you want to test more than one person to see if they are your mother – we can do that as well.