Is The MYOK Option As Reliable As The Test Kits I Can Order?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you use regular cotton swabs (Q-tip style) or buccal swabs for the DNA collection. Cotton swabs are generally 100% cotton topped where buccal swabs are a blended material, however both collect DNA just fine when our instructions are followed.

Do I Have To Use The Person’s Real Name?

Private testing does not require verification of a person’s identity. Whatever name or initials you put on the envelope is how the test results will be written. The name on your order form, and on the collection envelope, should match to avoid delays in testing.

How Do I Send In Samples That Are Not Swabs?

Place them in a paper envelope and tape it closed after you have written the information needed on the front of the envelope. Never put a DNA sample in plastic wrap, as bacteria can form and corrupt the integrity of the sample.

Can We Still Do A DNA Test If We Live In Different Locations

Yes! If the participants live at different addresses, different cities, or even in different states, we can send separate kits to everyone involved. In order to send a second kit to another address simply select the option for additional kits on your order form. and enter the secondary address in the section asking where the …

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