Are My DNA Test Results Confidential?

Your results are 100% confidential, and released only to the person who purchases the test. We do not discuss your testing, or release your results, to anyone else, even other test participants

What Happens To My DNA Samples After The Test Is Done?

Our standard procedure is to retain the samples for 30 days in case additional testing is necessary, and then both the samples and the personal information is destroyed/deleted. If you wish, however, you may request that we destroy all samples containing the tested persons’ DNA immediately after completing the test, however additional testing will not …

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What Destroys DNA Evidence?

Environmental factors, such as heat and humidity, can rapidly increase the degradation of DNA. Also, wet or moist evidence that is packaged in plastic bags will provide a growth environment for bacteria that can destroy DNA evidence.

Does DNA Wash Off In Laundry?

DNA can be transferred innocently by the laundry, even after clothes are supposed to be “clean.” One study discovered that when undergarments are washed with sheets containing bodily fluids, the undergarment too will have DNA on them. DNA was recovered from all fabric, regardless of washing time or method. The denim/rayon blend yielded the highest …

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How Difficult Is It To Get A Good Sample To Test?

Forensic DNA samples vary widely, and the chances of us being able to obtain a DNA profile depends on the sample used. In most cases, items can contain sufficient DNA for analysis, however there may be exceptions. For example, the amount on DNA on the sample may be too small for any significant examination; in …

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