What If Everyone Lives In Different Cities?

It is a simple process for DNA to be collected at different locations. We understand extended family members are often living in different locations. When you order your test, just indicate how many DNA collection kits need to be mailed to however many family members are participating in the test.

Can The Results Be Used In Court Or For Legal Reasons?

Probably not. Unlike paternity, sibling, avuncular and grandparent DNA tests, most courts do not to accept results for a family reconstruction test, as there is no chain of custody proof of the relatives testing and how they are related to each other, established through multiple DNA tests. If you need results for court, establishing inheritance …

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Can Cousins Participate In This Test?

No. The closer the potential biological relation to the person in question, the better. Biological cousins do not share enough DNA with the child to be helpful in confirming a family relationship.

How Many People Need To Participate In A Family Reconstruction Test?

The minimum number of participants we recommend is three. There is no set number of people who need to participate, as each situation is unique, and this question is answered on a case-by-case basis. A general guideline is: the more close relatives who can test, the stronger the result.

What Is A DNA Reconstruction Test Used For?

This type of test is used to confirm if a child is related to the possible father’s close relatives, when the possible father isn’t available for testing. There are, of course, other scenarios when type of test can help solve complex relationship questions. If you have questions, please either call us a 1-855-362-5224, or complete …

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