When And How Will I Get My Results?

As soon as our lab has received all DNA samples for your case, testing begins at our accredited laboratory. You will receive your results by email in 3-7 business days, depending on the test you ordered, after we have received your specimens.

Can I Use A Discreet Sample For the Possible Father?

In most cases, yes. Discreet samples are items like nail clippings, cigarette butts, ear swabs, nasal mucus, blood card/blood stain on fabric only. We are not able to accept a toothbrush for a non-standard sample on prenatal testing. There is an additional cost per item, as a viability test must be performed prior to standard …

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Can Your Prenatal Paternity Test Be Done After Fertility Treatments?

Yes! This testing is a great option for expectant parents who have become pregnant after undergoing fertility treatment. There are an increasing numbers of babies born as a result of in vitro fertilization (IVF) or surrogacy. Our DNA testing will give you confirmation and peace of mind as to the biological identity of an unborn …

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How Accurate Is Your Prenatal Paternity DNA Test?

Our lab is accredited both by AABB and ISO 17025 to carry out prenatal paternity testing. Our NIPP test is the only test accredited by AABB . Our results are 100% accurate as they are delivered to you. On NIPP testing, in a very small number of cases, a conclusive result may not be reached …

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