What Else Can Y-STR Testing Be Used For?

Y-chromosome testing is used in criminal forensic investigations and cases involving rapes. If a genetic sample is found at a crime scene, testing for the Y chromosome can establish whether there is any male DNA in the sample. Once the Y-chromosome has been confirmed, it can be compared to the Y-chromosome profiles of suspects to …

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Can A Y-STR Test Be Done Between A Male And Female?

No. Unlike a mtDNA test where the mother passes mitochondrial DNA to all her children, only a male child would inherit the Y-chromosome from his biological father. Since females do not have the Y-chromosome, this test cannot be used in these cases.

Are There Limitations To A Y-Chromosome Test?

Since every male from the same paternal bloodline have the same Y chromosome, the results of a Y-STR DNA test cannot tell you the specific relationship between the males tested. You will need to draw your own conclusions based upon the result of the test and what you are attempting to determine.