Can You Determine If Some Who Is Deceased Is The Father Of A Child?

Category: Paternity Testing

Yes. There are a few options available to do DNA testing.

If an autopsy was performed. and the Medical Examiner has either a blood sample or tissue sample, that can be used to obtain the DNA from the person who is deceased. A paternity test can also be performed using a non-standard, or “alternative sample” containing the alleged father’s DNA, such as, blood, hair, finger nails, toe nails, toothbrush, etc.

We can also perform a test using a parent of the alleged father (Grandparent DNA test), or sibling of the alleged father (Avuncular DNA test), if available. It is also possible to test two or more possible siblings who suspect they share the same mother (Full Sibling test) or only believe they share the same biological father (Half Sibling test).

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