How Do I Collect DNA For An Avuncular Test?

Category: Avuncular DNA Testing

The DNA collection process is very easy to do, and we provide step-by-step details in your DNA kit. The DNA is collected with a simple swab of the cheek. The swabs should either be a buccal swab, or a clean “Q-tip” style cotton swab. All you need to do is rub the swab up and down on the inside of the cheek to collect skin cells from the inner cheek and gums.

We have all the DNA samples tested twice. We need to have 4 mouth swabs per person which we will provide you (two swabs on each side of the mouth). After collecting the DNA specimen, just place the samples in the envelope we provide and place that in prepaid return mailer. Then the samples are sent to the lab and testing begins.

Once all the avuncular samples have been received by the lab, we will email you that testing has begun. The test results from your aunt-uncle DNA test will be e-mailed in just 2 business days.