What Is A Twin Zygosity Test, And Do I Need One?

Category: Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

This test is used to discover if your twins are fraternal or identical. We provide you with a 100% accurate answer in just one business day.

Zygosity tests are important and well-liked because, surprisingly, they often show different results from what parents initially thought about their twins. Studies even reveal that many identical twins grow up thinking they’re fraternal.

This mix-up occurs because doctors sometimes make mistakes when checking twin zygosity early in pregnancy, usually during an early ultrasound. They might forget to double-check their first diagnosis.

Sometimes, doctors mistakenly classify twins as fraternal when they see separate placentas at birth. However, this doesn’t account for the fact that around 25% of identical twins actually have separate placentas.

Is it really important to know if your twins are identical or fraternal? In short, yes, it can help twins understand their connection better.