When Should I Choose A Y-Chromosome Test?

Category: Y-Chromosome DNA Testing
  • Y Chromosome testing can be used to establish indirect paternity when the alleged father is unavailable to test, or will not submit to the test. In these situations, we can test a direct male relative of the alleged father with the DNA of another male to confirm whether the untested alleged father is in fact related to the person claiming to be a biological relative.
  • It can be used when two siblings wishing to confirm whether they have the same biological father can do so by doing a Y Chromosome test. If there is a possibility that both alleged fathers are related, then either a sibling test, or direct paternity test, is recommended.
  • Adopted children who are searching for their real biological fathers, and perhaps have found a possible male family member, can use a Y Chromosome test in order to include, or exclude, potential fathers or paternal relatives.
  • Legal Y Chromosome testing can sometimes be used in cases requiring legal proof of relationship between males, such as probate or inheritance cases, or DNA proof for immigration.